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Leadership Presence

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Move and Speak 
like a Leader

Command Attention
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Find Your Unignorable Voice

Leadership Presence: 

Have impact, and speak with confidence and clarity. From being a CEO in a board room, or a Founder pitching for multi-million-pound investment, you can improve your vocal and physical presence. 

If you are a leader looking to have more presence when public speaking, then check out our courses below. 

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From Start-Ups to CEO

You Deserve to Be Heard

We are taught from a young age that we are meant to be quiet and not take up much physical and vocal space. Over time we start to become tense and lose our physical and vocal presence. If you feel intimated by public speaking, networking, or just being heard in a meeting - then our courses are for you. 


From the CEO, to the new hire wanting to climb the social ladder, you can learn to use your voice to have an impact in various settings. 


Executives - Learn to move and speak like a leader.

Founders - Master your pitch to get investment.

 Now is your time to

Take Back Your Vocal & Physical Space

What is Spoken Voice?

Spoken Voice work is the practice of physically opening up the voice. This differs from public speaking, which is only about your performance.  But, if your voice is tight -- public speaking skills will not help much.


Spoken Voice work helps open a person's body and voice, so you are naturally more confident and have more presence. Once your body and voice are open then we apply public speaking training for the most impact.

Join one of our courses in London and Manchester.

Sam Malone09.23_-14.jpg

Miles Henderson


MamaMia - London West End Lead

Sam has helped me with coaching for spoken voice for a few years now and his exercises are still ones that I use regularly before and during shows. His coaching and methods are a big part of my daily warm up, as well as being invaluable for when a ‘quick fix’ is needed either in or outside of the theatre. Sam is a very knowledgeable coach as well as being a genuinely lovely person with incredible energy. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!

Gigi Noel-King

Rose Granger-Weasley, Moaning Myrtle

Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

I couldn’t have asked for better voice training! I spent a long time as being told to be quiet as a child and I didn’t realise it had an impact on my spoken voice now. Sam taught me how to not only get voice out but how to use it healthily with the right technique and how to successfully transfer those skills he taught me into my singing technique as well as spoken voice training.

Ed Austin.jpeg

Ed Austin

Head of Internal Communications


Sam came in to support with some speaker coaching ahead of our internal conference, which was attended by 500 people. The process can be quite daunting for some and Sam's calm and clear approach made our speakers feel relaxed and composed. Sam's suggestive style was super helpful in helping our leaders unlock their true potential on stage and strengthen their confidence. On top of that, Sam was really flexible + supportive and lovely to work with. Book him in now!

Sam/Elevate Voice, has helped me with and given many techniques that help to combat, some of the bad habits I have/had in jaw tension (an issue affecting both personal life and acting wise) and breath flow. In particular exercises used to keep the forward placement in the mouth for dialogue in scenes that in the end, produce a much clearer and more resonate sounding actor.

Andre Antonio

Bob Marley

Rise Up, Stand Up (Cover Lead)

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