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Did you like the experience you had with the Elevate Voice team? If show share your story with us! 

Mo Aldalou

Programme Director

Baltic Ventures

Sam Malone is an incredible voice, speech, accent and body language coach. Going into a group coaching session can feel like an incredibly vulnerable experience for many people and he's excellent at making people feel at ease and more confident almost instantly.

I left every one of his workshops with more confident but also with some really hands on and practical techniques that I can use in my day-to-day life!

Julie Harris

Brand Photographer

Julie Harris Photography

Being on Sams' course has been revolutionary. I now feel excited, empowered and knowledgable.
To be able to stand up and speak in front of people is one thing but to feel excited about it and want to do it, is another thing completely. Sam's knowledge and genuine interest and commitment to your success is priceless. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who is fearful of speaking and needs in-depth nurturing with some game changing techniques, solid structure and knowledge. It will give you the confidence you need to step on to stage and stand in your own power. Thank you Sam x



Sarah Denise Studio

Sam led an excellent session on vocal skills and body language for entrepreneurs, with a holistic approach; looking at the mind body connection with voice. Sam took us through the basics of voice, with relevant, easy to implement tips that we can use to improve our introduction and presentation styles, without losing authenticity. Sam’s energy, talent and inclusive messaging made the workshop throughly enjoyable, fun and uplifting. Thanks Sam!

Mark Simpson

Tax Champion

Big Hand Group

“ I am an experienced networker and sports’ commentator and had a brief session with Sam Malone prior to a key exhibition we were exhibiting at.
In the space of 15-20 minutes Sam focused me on the key points of my message and condensing them into a brief punchy customer-focused ‘pitch’ to encourage potential clients to visit our stand.

You are never too old or experienced to learn new things, and Sam cut through to the essence of the message and filled me with confidence for the effectiveness of my future interactions with potential customers”

Ed Austin

Head of Internal Communication


Sam came in to support with some speaker coaching ahead of our internal conference, which was attended by 500 people. The process can be quite daunting for some and Sam's calm and clear approach made our speakers feel relaxed and composed. Sam's suggestive style was super helpful in helping our leaders unlock their true potential on stage and strengthen their confidence. On top of that, Sam was really flexible + supportive and lovely to work with. Book him in now!

Kirstie Gladman

Musical Theatre

London College of Music

I came to Sam when I needed support in my accent work for an assessment. The way that I was helped and the exercises used really helped me exeed in that accent and pass my assessment with flying colours. I have always been able to contact if I ever needed anything else as extra support and they will always be my first point of contact. Thank you so much!

Charlie Caspar Mann


London College of Music

Sam is a wonderful and encouraging teacher who always goes the extra mile to ensure you get the most out of these sessions, and that you are comfortable during them. He bring a light hearted and fun sense to the sessions that put you right at ease to explore your voice potential. He is incredible insightful, and every time I leave a lesson I find myself wanting to go back to the website and booking another session! Sam has helped me a lot on my voice journey and these extra sessions in the summer have really left me feeling prepared to tackle third year with confidence and swagger in my self because I know my voice has been elevated to its best place. 10/10 would highly recommend.

Harry W. Freeman


London College of Music

Working with Sam has given me such an advance on voice work and understanding how crucial it is to maintain. Lessons are unique, personally catered for own development, nurturing, engaging, supportive and lots of fun! Every ounce of feedback is genuine, honest and valuable. Sam is a warm and welcoming Voice Coach that opens your eyes and ears (and mind) to new techniques in both learning accents and understanding overall voice work. I have been able to develop a wide range of vocal techniques that enable me to utilise my voice efficiently, effectively and safely. Sam's unparalleled way of teaching has boosted my confidence with American Accents and discovering new skills. All of which has helped me grow as a performer. I can honestly say, Sam is the go to for anything Voice and Mindfulness related!

Cara Roberts

Musical Theatre

Leeds Conservatoire

I have been training with Sam for one year now and I couldn’t be more grateful for his help and guidance. He has helped me unleash a new area of my voice, which has helped me greatly in both my acting and singing delivery. In his classes you feel powerful and he always makes you feel like he appreciates what you achieve in his classes. His exercises and practises have encouraged me to be more vocally confident as well as overcoming vocal challenges such as tongue tension and projection. In his classes I don’t feel afraid to fail and just go for it, which creates a healthier learning environment for me and my peers, which I love. This year I have predominantly explored the General American and Modern RP accents with Sam. His analysis and breakdown of the accents has allowed me to explore and experiment both in and out of class and I have felt a real confidence boost in my accent delivery since doing these accents with Sam. Alongside this Sam introduced me to the art of meditation which has helped to balance my stress levels through first year so I could stay calm and collected even during stressful times such as Assessments. I am so excited to carry on my vocal journey with Sam and see more improvements and overcome more vocal challenges. I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Isa Sallinen

Youth Worker

Gendered Intelligence

Working with Sam has been such a powerful and transformative experiences. Over the past year he has support me both with gendered voice practice as a trans person as well as public speaking skills. Sam's way of teaching is insightful, clear and attentive to my needs as an individual. This is often enhanced with sparkles of humour. As a voice coach Sam was extremely dedicated to meeting my goals and supporting me to reassess them throughout my journey. I feel much more confident in my voice and able to take up space and use my voice with purpose. These skills are fundamental to me at personal as well as professional level. A truly one of a kind teacher and I could not recommend them enough to anyone exploring either public speaking, confidence building or gendered voice practice. I feel so grateful for having had the chance to work together.

Savva Lagashkin


University of West London

One of my favorite classes and teachers is accent and voice class with Sam. Always fun and engaging in his lessons which is makes you to learn everything he gives easy, smooth and fast. Every feedback is like a gold dust! Progress is noticeable! Looking forward for upcoming classes!

Luca Lavagetto


University of West London

I honestly think Sam is the best teacher I have ever met during my training. He has many different ways to demonstrate, explain and to show each singular tecnique voice or accent related. Which I think is vital especially for different types of learners.
Exemplar and empowering person as well, always available for all his students and fully dedicated.
Each lesson with him it's a great opportunity that shouldn't be missed. In his different programs he can also incorporate his deep knowledge of body,mind, singing and martial arts tecniques. A very lovely and kind person, I can't recommend him enough and very glad to have met him for my further training as a professional actor.

Marta Batista


University of West London

I can’t recomend Sam enough. When I first started having lessons with Sam i was extremely shy about my voice. I thought it was small and weak. He immediately made us all feel comfortable and taught us that each voice is unique and should be heard. My voice is now more resonant, articulate and strong. On top of all this I also had the chance to work with Sam on accents. While accents can be viewed as something hard, Sam’s way of teaching makes it light and easy. Out class was able to pick on the accents very quicky. Sam creates such a safe and fun space in class. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him.

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