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Master Your Pitch

Pitching Speech Skills:
From Bootstrapping to Seed

Pitch Like a Dragon

When you pitch only 7% of what people listen to is your actual content.  The other is 93% of your influence is broken down into:

-38% tone of your voice.

-55% is your body language.


This means that the way you speak is even more important than the content of your pitch.


Therefore if you are asking for a large-scale investment, your ability to communicate your message is critically important. You have a very short amount of time to convince venture capitalists (VCs) and angel investors to invest in your business. Our courses will do just that.

Learn to put your best self forward in the pitch.

Because we are not only investing in your company.

We are investing in you.

Spoken Voice for Founders:

Spoken voice is not the same as public speaking. Unlike public speaking which tells you what to say, spoken voice work is used to help open an individual voice, so they have vocal power, and physical presence.


For Founders, spoken voice work enables you to engage stakeholders, and pitch with the most impact. This greatly increases the likelihood of you securing investment with Venture Capitalists. As well, it helps you gain stakeholder engagement at launches.

Join one of our courses in London and Manchester.

Sam Malone Spoken Voice Coach
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Make Your Pitch Amazing

Start-up Entreprenuer Pitching

Secure Your Investment

Pitch Like A Pro:

Are you looking to raise investment?

Does your pitch engage potential investors?

Many entrepreneur accelerator programmes, will tell you to 'tell a story,' but are you a good storyteller?  By working with Sam you will learn to use your voice and physical presence to command the room.

Take Your Pitch To The Next Level!

Past Clients:
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Mo Aldalou

Program Director

Baltic Ventures

Sam Malone is an incredible voice, speech, accent and body language coach. Going into a group coaching session can feel like an incredibly vulnerable experience for many people and he's excellent at making people feel at ease and more confident almost instantly.

I left every one of his workshops with more confident but also with some really hands on and practical techniques that I can use in my day-to-day life!

Rhys Lloyd.jpeg

Rhys LLoyd



We hired Sam to support us in preparing for our PharmAppy Version 2 product launch event, which was presented to over 200 people, 160 of whom were pharmacy owners.

Sam’s friendly, enthusiastic and motivating approach helped us to structure our presentation in the most effective way possible and relish the challenge.

The event was a success resulting in a vast amounts of sign ups, which is a reflection on the work Sam did with us! We’ll be sure to continue to use Sam’s services as we scale.

Ed Austin.jpeg

Ed Austin

Head of Internal Communications


Sam came in to support with some speaker coaching ahead of our internal conference, which was attended by 500 people. The process can be quite daunting for some and Sam's calm and clear approach made our speakers feel relaxed and composed. Sam's suggestive style was super helpful in helping our leaders unlock their true potential on stage and strengthen their confidence. On top of that, Sam was really flexible + supportive and lovely to work with.


Book him in now!

Exude Confidence
Unleash Potential

Happy East Asian Entrepenuer
Smiling CEO of a Start-up

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Pitching for Investment Workshop

What You Will Learn From The Pitching Workshop:

-How to organize your pitch to be the most persuasive.

-Confidence when pitching.

-Improve your physical and vocal presence.

-Practical exercises to improve you make your pitch polished and powerful.

Female Founder Pitching

Flexible Payment Options:

- Our Pitching workshops are a flat fee, and take place in a group setting.

-1:1 coaching has flexible payment options and works in regards to a percentage-based system once you receive your funding.

-Training for stakeholder engagement events (such as product launches or board meetings) is paid on a fee basis.

Start-up Founder Running His Business

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