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Spoken Voice & Public Speaking

Get Yourself Heard

Lead presentations during meetings

Own The
Meeting Room

Speaker in front of a Crowd

Be Heard. Be You.

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A CEO business executive speaker.
We Help Leaders:

- Inspire their audience

- Gain respect in meetings

- Speak and move like a leader

- Command attention and have prescence

- Get into a leadership role

Our Spoken Voice and Public Speaking coaching sessions are for leaders like you.

Become great at public speaking and presentations.  Learn to make an impact, have presence, and gain confidence in front of large audiences and media.


Be Heard. Be You.

Spoken Voice Training

At Elevate Voice we believe that spoken voice and public speaking is something very personal.  This will be the driving factor of your sessions with our coaches. We want to help you discover your own unique presentation style, and hone the power of your speaking voice.  Your voice and presentation style is unique, and our coaches will create a programme that works just for you.  

Find Your Unignorable Voice

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What Is Spoken Voice Training:

Spoken Voice work is the practice of physically opening up the voice. This differs from public speaking, which is about your performance.

But, if your voice is tight -- public speaking skills will not help much.


Spoken voice work helps open a person's body and voice, so you are naturally more confident and have more presence - in all settings. 

Then we can apply public speaking training for the most impact.

What Will You Get From Theses Sessions:

- A personalized voice assessment.

-Skills to help you conquer your own public speaking hurdles.

-Practice time to do a mock presentation, with coaching.

-Supplementary voice exercise material.

-Critical feedback on your presentation speeches and delivery.

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