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Accent Coaching:

You can be understood when speaking English. You don't need to speak with a full British English or American English accent to be respected and heard in meetings. 

Take your career to the next level and improve your English accent. 

Join our online courses today.

Own Your Accent

Current Courses

Be Understood & Respected In English
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Business Meeting
Meeting Between Colleagues of various accents
Are you a professional wanting to:

 -Improve your English accent?​

-Be understood on conference calls and Zoom?

-Develop your articulation and clarity?

-Have better English pronunciation?

Then our accent training sessions are for you. These courses will be teaching you how to shift your accent towards an English-based accent when you need to.


So you can shift your accent at any time.


Our accent coaches are some of the top in the industry and have worked with high-level business professionals from around the globe.


These sessions will help you be understood

in any situation.


Own Your Accent

Accent Training Course


If you have ever thought:

"Speaking in English is hard enough, but now people can't understand my accent." 

Don't worry this is very normal, many international business professionals experience this. What most people don't know is that there are accent coaches to help guide you. 

At Elevate Voice we want to help you to feel comfortable speaking English in any setting.

Accent Training - traditionally known as accent reduction or accent softening, is where an individual learns how to adjust their accent for the intended audience.


This might be investors, business clients, etc. Unlike other programmes, not only do we help you with your English or American accent, but we help you own your accent as well. 


In order to do this, we have 2 types of training sessions: 1 to 1, and group courses.

Smiling Businessman who learned a british accent

What will you get from 1 to 1 
Accent Training?

-You will learn how to speak in a
British accent.
- Or learn how to speak in an
American accent.
- You choose the accent.

- 1 to 1 personalized accent training.

- A personal accent breakdown.

- Accent recordings for practice.

People in an American accent class

What will you get from group accent training sessions?

- A foundation to understand how to approach English-based accents.

- An understanding of your own accent in relation to others.

- The tools to begin and be successful in 1 to 1 Accent Training.

- Assignments & feedback on performing an English accent, or American accent (depending on the course).

Ignite Your Career

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